About Us

Sports-Profiles.com is a website for diplaying sports profiles for amateur student athletes. It is maintained by FatCat Servers, a Chattanooga Web Hosting Company.

SportsProfiles.com began 2008 as a web database for a few local girl's fastpitch teams. They needed an easy way to send the player's profile to college coaches, scouts, recruiters, and managers. During this time it was used regularly, and was a vast improvement over the static team websites that had been used before.

In the last few years, web technology has greatly improved. Also in the last few years, amatuer sports is growing, especially with the intent to obtain sports scholarships to help with the rising cost of college education.

With all these factors in mind, we decided in 2012 to totally redesign the original version, taking advantage of the latest web technologys and expanding the features.

This website was designed and developed in close consultation with team coaches from the original teams.

One of the main criteria was simplicity and ease of use.

Another criteria was easy site navigation. You want the coaches, scouts, and recruiters to find what they need quickly and easily.

At Sports-Profile.com, we always welcome suggestions to make the website better. If you think of any features that we can add to, or improve on website, please send us an email at: support@sports-profiles.com