Why use Sports-Profiles.com?

All fastpitch, softball, and baseball travel team players want to be recruited. And they need an individual public prospect profile for recruiters. Sports-Profiles.com is an easy way for you to have your player's prospect profiles publicly accessable for college recruiters, scouts, and coaches to view.

Creating your player's prospect profile is easy. Just fill out an online form for each player. Each player's information is displayed in a consistant, easy to read format. And each profile can include player pictures and video.

You can customize the team page with your team logo and team colors. And the team info is on each players profile page.

Both the prospect's pages and the team page have clearly labeled, copy and paste, external links. These links go directly to the prospect's profile page or the team page, bypassing the rest of this website.

You can easily paste the profile link into an email to your chosen college recruiter, scout, or coach.

Having copy and paste links directly to the profile pages means you can include your players profiles on an existing team website without having to build individual pages for each of your players.

Your players can add the profile page, or team page direct link to their facebook, twitter, or other favorite social networking site.

Each profile page has a link to a page formated to print the entire prospect profile to a single page handout sheet. The team group roster page also can print to a single page handout sheet.

And your team and prospect profile pages will NEVER have advertising banners on them.

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Player Profile Features:

  • Player sports information.
  • Player contact information.
  • Player school information.
  • Player parent information.
  • Current team information.
  • Comments from the player's coach.
  • Player pictures.
  • Links to Player YouTube videos.
  • List of Player Accomplishments.
  • Cut and Paste links to the Player's Profile Page are right on the Player's page.
  • Also, there is a version of the Prospect Profile page that is formated for printing.

Sports-Profiles is a subscription service.

The fee for our service is only $60 per year, for the ENTIRE TEAM.

That includes the customizable team and prospect pages, the printable group team roster, and all the printable individual prospect profiles.

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Currently the Prospect Profile Pages are formatted for Fastpitch, Baseball, and Softball. If you need a different Profile format for your sport, contact us at: support@Sports-Profiles.com